Ursula’s Art Gallery

The inspiration for my canvas painting came through my artistic work as a professional hair stylist. This required attending drawing and designing classes. Later I enjoyed travelling and exploring countries in southern Europe, this had a great and positive influence to my knowledge. Since 1998 I travelled also regularly to the Western Cape to escape a little bit from the Swiss winter and in 2007 we moved permanently to Cape Town.

The power of the colours on my red poppy canvas gives me “joie de vivre” and energy. The poppy fields in the Provence of France impressed and overwhelmed me; they reflect the sun, the warmness and the fragrance.

South Africa inspired me for further artistic transformations, like wildlife, after visiting Game Reserves, flowers after being in the Cape Floral Kingdom and sun downers after seeing such overwhelming sunsets ;

Ursula Gut, born 1948 in Zurich Switzerland