Wale Season in Cape Town

It’s Whale Season again and nature lovers from all over the world are flocking to Hermanus, widely known as the ‘Whale Capital of the World’. They come for the sheer joy of watching these gentle giants of the ocean frolicking in the waters of Walker Bay – waving their tails in the air and performing all sorts of high jinks!

Among the many exciting positions the whale takes up are for instance lobtailing and flipper-flapping which are likely ways of communicating. In the spyhopping position the whale ‘stands up’ in the water, enabling it to look around. This is presumably a form of position orientation. Sailing (when the whale stands on its head in the water, exposing its tail) is probably a means of propulsion. And then there’s the impressive breaching when the whale hurls itself free of the water and flies through the air in an act of pure pleasure.