What’s in a name?

Your hosts André & Ursula are welcoming you to our Hermitage in the Cape

What’s in a name?


Confoederatio Helvetica.


That’s where we come from


Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town.

Here we are now, since February 2007


Pinotage is a red wine grape that is South Africa’s signature variety. It was bred there in 1925 as a cross between Pinot noir and Cinsaut (Cinsaut was known as “Hermitage” in South Africa during that time.

We like Wine as we imported South African wine over 10 years to Switzerland.


The habitation of a hermit. Saint Nicholas of Flüe (German: Niklaus von Flüe) (21 March 1417 – 21 March 1487[1]) was a Swiss hermit and ascetic who is the patron saint of Switzerland. He is sometimes invoked as “Brother Klaus.”Our Hermitage is more comfortable as his was 🙂